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Regarding COVID – 19

19 th Mar 2020

All MC Members of HRANI

All Members of HRANI

Dear Member

Greetings from HRANI!

HRANI would like to inform its Members that the required measures are being taken to tackle the impact of the pandemic COVID – 19 on the Hospitality Industry. We have been circulating to all Members, advisories issued by the Government of India at regular intervals. Also, HRANI, has been advocating strongly - both directly and through various other industry associations platforms to the Government of India seeking support in terms of sops, subsidies, tax relief, waiver of GST for six months at both Central and State level, deferment for fiscal statutory compliance deadlines such as direct and indirect taxes including paying EMI’s, reduction of bank interest rate, and a special package for the hospitality industry. We shall keep the Members informed of the updates in these matters.

Let us align and put our best efforts to reduce the impact of the disease, by taking all necessary measures as issued and advised by the Government on regular intervals. The copies of the advisories issued by various departments are available for your perusal on the links given below. For all kind of advisories by Govt. of India visit

To mitigate the risk of financial losses which could be incurred following the pandemic & curbs on the Hospitality Industry in the wake of COVID – 19, HRANI would also like to advise its members to take precautionary measures attached with this mail.

The Hospitality fraternity has always been the most sensitive in terms of hygiene and in offering the best of the services. Maintaining the legacy, especially in the hour of dismay, we wish to thank and applaud the efforts of the Members in taking adequate measures, well in advance, to battle the spreading of the disease. The strict implementation of these measures for both staff and guests has significantly helped the hospitality industry in sustaining the trust of its Guests which has been bestowed upon it for many decades.

We would like to ensure our Members that we stand in solidarity with them and shall put our best efforts to seek best possible remedies from both the Central and State Governments in the form of sops, incentives, and other related benefits for the industry.

Wishing you good health!

With warm regards, 



Renu Thapliyal

Secretary General