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Transmission of Mandatory TVChannels

15 th Feb 2021

All Managing Committee Members of HRANI

All Members of HRANI


Dear Member


Greetings from HRANI!


I am writing to you in regard to transmission of Mandatory TV Channels in hotels.

As you may be aware that the Central Government in pursuance of Section 8 of Cable Television Network (Regulation) Act,1995 has notified TV Channels (25 Doordarshan Channels in addition to Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha TV Channels ) that are to be mandatorily carried by each cable operator on its TV Network . The list of 25 Doordarshan Channels, that are mandatory, is attached herewith.
Non-carriage of Mandatory TV channels is likely to attract punitive action under Section 11, Section 12 and Section 16 of the said Act.

As informed by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in the attached letter, it has come to their notice that many hotels in the country are not offering the services of mandatory channels to their customers.

Therefore, the Ministry has asked HRANI to furnish a status report from all the member hotels of HRANI whether the Distribution Platform Operator (DPO) supplying the television signal feed to the hotel is not carrying mandatory channels on its network or the same are being blocked by the hotels.

1. In case of blocking these channels in your hotel, we request you to immediately unblock the same to avoid any punitive action by the Government.

2. In case, the Distribution platform operator (DPO) supplying the television signal feed to the hotels is not carrying mandatory channels. Please inform the association by filling the attached annexure.
You are requested to kindly send us the duly filled attached Annexure on the above to enable us to prepare a report for submission to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
Looking forward for your valuable support.

Thanking you,


Renu Thapliyal

Secretary General

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