HRANI to organize FOSTAC Training Programme to Promote Food Safety and Hygiene

The Hotel and Restaurant Association of Northern India (HRANI) is set to host the Food Safety Training and Certification (FOSTAC) programme on March 23rd at Radisson Blu Hotel, Greater Noida, and on March 26th at Eros Hotel, New Delhi. This initiative aims to provide in depth insights into food safety and hygiene, fostering awarenes & implementing measures for enhanced standards in the hospitality industry.
Pritha Tripathi, Deputy General Manager at Food Industry Capacity & Skill Initiative (FICSI) and former Scientist at Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), will lead the programme, offering detailed guidance on maintaining optimal hygiene standards. The FOSTAC programme was initiated by FSSAI with the objective of bolstering skilled manpower availability within the food industry and promoting self compliance to FSS Act, Rules, and Regulations among responsible food businesses.

Garish Oberoi, President of HRANI, emphasized the association's role as a bridge between FSSAI and industry stakeholders. He underscored the importance of raising awareness through programmes like FOSTAC, reaffirming HRANI's commitment to upholding food safety standards and fostering compliance within the hospitality sector.
In a statement, Garish Oberoi emphasized, "HRANI remains dedicated to fostering excellence in food safety and hygiene within the hospitality sector. Through proactive measures, we aim to ensure a safer and healthier environment for consumers and businesses alike." The FOSTAC programme signifies a crucial step towards advancing food safety practices and reinforcing compliance standards within the hospitality industry.

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