Aadha Glass Paani

Hotel and Restaurant Association of Northern India supports Danik Jagraan – Aadha Glass Paani Campaign to save potable water. It is a unique concept to spread awareness about water conservation. It reflects to the idea that normally we are served a full glass and we end up wasting the precious resource knowing /unknowingly. Hence this practice where Half a glass of water is served with a message that if needed one is free to have as much to quench his thirst, will help in saving gallons of potable water.

All HRANI Members are requested to run the campaign in your respective properties with simple exercise of offering half a glass of water to the guests, staff, vendors and local community to spread awareness that water as a scarce resource needs to be used wisely. You are requested to develop and implement a program on a voluntary basis by engaging employees, guest vendors and local communities. The campaign may include few of the following suggested activities.

    Guests Area
  • Printing & display of Tent cards. The creative of tent card is available (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lwWN1Mv57bnTw7XQ2mlU3z6zfkZ7fTmP/view).
    • In all rooms with the message of this initiative.
    • On each table in all the restaurants with the message of this initiative.
  • Employees
  • Briefing and Training to staff to explain the cause of serving half a glass of water.
  • Short Briefings to staff by Chefs to wash vegetables and fruits in a sink of water rather than running water rinse.
  • Educating the staff to avoid thawing food under running water and using running water to melt ice in sink strainers.
  • Pre-soak utensils and dishes which saves running water.

The above messages can be spread through displays, Posters and Banners in your unit.

Members are requested to send a brief presentation with photographs (High Resolution) of your initiatives through email at hrani.1950@gmail.com for hosting the same on Association website and it’s Magazine.

HRANI looks forward to the active support of its members in its initiatives of social inclusion in projecting the Indian Hospitality Industry as a responsible and evolved Industry.